MyBalanceNow, an online system for shopping with Target Corporation to check your their visa gift card balance on the online website by logging on Target Visa Gift Cards from Target Corporation allows shoppers to shop online using their prepaid gift cards in the U.S. and District of Columbia.

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Hey are you looking for MyBalanceNow Login ? If you want to Know your Card balance before you shop, please visit My BalanceNow Official Website. Customers need to do is you need to follow our article on MyBalanceNow. You can Access official login portal, Every Customer can know their gift-card balance once they are registered on the official website.

How To Check My Target Gift Card Balance on

If you are a new user, and want to check your Target Gift Card’s Balance, log-in into MyBalanceNow Portal. Here we shall provide the complete details on managing your card.

  • To Check your Target Gift Visa Card balance, Please Visit the official website : visa gift card portal to check balance
  • As soon as you visit the login portal official website, Enter your Card Number ,Expiration Date (mm/yy) format and CVV.
  • After enter all their Card details, Click on “Continue” button to manage your card.
  • You’ll be Signed in to your account by visiting the Manage Card page or call the number listed on the back of your Card. Remember, most merchants are unable to check your balance so please be aware before you spend.

How do I use my Target Gift Card to Shop Online?

  1. Check Gift Card Balance: Before you start online shopping, verify the available balance on your Visa Gift card.
  2. Add Items to Your Cart: Browse the Online store and select the purchase items you wish to purchase on your favourite e-commerce platform. Add the purchased items to your online shopping cart to checkout.
  3. Proceed to Checkout: Once you have finished selecting your purchase items, proceed to the checkout page. Look for the payment section or options where you can select the method of payment.
  4. Enter Target Gift Card details: In the payment section, choose the option to pay with a target gift card. This option may be labeled differently depending on the retailer. Enter the gift card number and the security code (if applicable) as provided on your gift-card.
  5. Apply the  VISA gift card: After entering the details, click on the appropriate button to apply the gift card online to your purchase. The retailer’s website should verify the available balance and deduct the amount.
  6. Complete the Transaction: Review your order details, including the total amount payable after deducting the gift card value. If everything looks correct, proceed to complete the payment transaction by following the instructions provided by the retailer. This may involve entering your shipping address, choosing a delivery method, and providing payment details if there is an outstanding balance.
  7. Confirm and Enjoy: Once you have successfully completed the transaction, you should receive a confirmation of your order. The retailer will process your purchase and arrange for shipping or delivery according to their standard procedures. Keep the gift card in a safe place in case you need to refer to it for returns, exchanges, or future purchases.

Overall, Target’s Visa Gift Card simplifies the process of checking gift card balances, providing users with a hassle-free solution to keep track of their remaining credit across various retailers and brands. Its user-friendly interface, security measures, and comprehensive retailer coverage make it a valuable resource for anyone seeking to manage their gift card funds efficiently.

Target’s MyBalanceNow Features

Balance Never Expires

Say goodbye to the frustration of losing the value of your gift card. With our innovative system, your gift card balance remains intact indefinitely, ensuring you have complete control and freedom over your funds

Widely Accepted

This can be used wherever Visa debit cards or Debit Mastercard are accepted within the United States and the District of Columbia

In-Store and Online

Enjoy the flexibility to use your Gift Card both in physical stores and for online purchases. Embrace the best of both worlds and take your online shopping experience to new heights

No Fees after Purchase

use the full value of the card on your purchases, without any deductions or additional charges, maximizing the amount you can spend on the items you desire

Convenient and Secure

Conveniently make purchases without the need for cash or carrying multiple credit or debit cards. Experience the ultimate combination of convenience and security with our exceptional gift card.

No Personal Information

You can enjoy the benefits of the card without the need to provide personal information or undergo a credit check, simplifying the experience and saving you time.

About Target Gift Cards

Target GiftCard are exclusively designed for use at Target stores and on Enjoy the convenience of shopping for your favorite products and brands within the Target ecosystem. With over 1,700+ Stores across the U.S. and the convenience of online shopping at, you have the freedom to shop to your heart’s content. With 100$ Target Gift Card, you can indulge in a world of online shopping possibilities specifically tailored to Target’s exceptional offerings in-store and online.

Please note that Target Gift-Card cannot be used for purchasing prepaid or specialty gift cards. Best of all, there are no fees or expiration dates to worry about. Choose from a wide range of denominations, ranging from $1 to $2,000, and treat yourself or your loved ones to the perfect gift. Embrace the joy of endless possibilities with Target E Gift Card.

Customer Care Information

Customer Support Team assist customers in know the gift card balance of your Target gift card. If any customer face challenges whether it might be a question, feedback or complaint, you can reach out or contact Customer support for further assistance on Master Visa Gift Cards or eGift Cards through Phone number or Target near you. So please contact help desk for customer support.

For Master/Visa Gift Cards or eGift Cards1-877-867-4873
For Other Master or Visa Cards1-800-698-4952
Mailing AddressCustomer Care
PO Box 826
Fortson, GA 31808


What is the URL to check my Gift Card Balance Online ?

Please Visit the official website of

Can Target Cardholders access the Mybalancenow from anywhere?

Yes, Cardholders can Login To MyBalanceNow Portal from anywhere by visiting the official website.

What is the MyBalnaceNow Login error?

It refers to any technical issues or glitches that prevent users from accessing or using the mybalancenow or mobile app. This could include problems with logging in, loading pages, checking balances, or redeeming rewards.

How do I Activate Target Gift Cards?

My Balance Now Target Gift Cards are activated by the cashier at the time of purchase. Please sign the back of the card when you receive it. We recommend that you write down the card number and the customer service number on a separate piece of paper in case the card is lost or stolen.

Can I get cash with Target Card?

Target Gift Card cannot be used at an ATM, or to receive cash advances. You may not use your card to get cash back at the point of sale.

Does these Target Gift Card has Validity?

Gift Card is valid through the date shown on the front of the card or until the value reaches zero. The funds never expire; if your card expires and funds remain on the card.

How To Fix A MyBalanceNow system error occurred on Vanilla gift card! ?

To Fix a system error, disable ads on your browser & continue with your vanilla gift card.

I Cannot Log In to MyBalanceNow account – What Could the Problem Be?

 you can simply logging into your account dashboard by entering your card number.

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