Wake Forest pub owner frustrated after gift card mishap temporarily derails $2,750 effort to help needy families

A local business owner’s charitable effort to support needy families during Christmas encountered an unexpected issue when Visa Gift Cards he bought for the initiative were not activated. Michael Mackey, the owner of Mackey’s Pub, had raised $6,000 to assist families in need and decided to disburse part of these funds in the form of Visa Gift Cards after being informed by one of the beneficiary schools that it could not accept cash donations.

To meet this need, Mackey purchased 50 Visa Gift Cards, each valued at $50, from Target, incurring an additional $5 activation fee per card. However, the joy of giving was momentarily disrupted when families reported that the cards were unusable due to activation problems.

In seeking a resolution, Mackey contacted Visa, only to be redirected to the retailer, suggesting the problem lay with them. He also approached Target, pressing for an expedited resolution given the urgency of the situation.

Despite his attempts, with Visa not providing a response to inquiries and Target indicating a potentially prolonged investigation period of three to five business days, Mackey’s hopes for a timely solution seemed to dim. His main concern was fulfilling the promises made to the families expecting support before Christmas.

In a fortunate turn of events, Target confirmed to WRAL News by Tuesday afternoon that they had resolved the issue with Mackey, ensuring the gift cards were activated. This development promised a joyful Christmas for the families involved.

Adding to the season’s goodwill, Wakefield Flooring stepped forward with a generous donation of $2,750, mirroring the amount Mackey intended to distribute via gift cards. This gesture ensured that, despite the initial hiccup, the families targeted by the fundraiser would experience the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

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