More easy rewards: Staples fee-free $200 Mastercard gift cards

In an exciting promotion for shoppers, Staples is set to waive fees on $200 Mastercard Gift Cards from April 21, 2024, through April 27, 2024. Customers will have the opportunity to capitalize on this offer with a new daily limit of eight cards per person. However, purchase limits may vary by location, with some stores potentially allowing more than the stated limit.

The promotion exclusively applies to $200 fixed-value Mastercard gift cards, excluding variable load cards currently available at many Staples locations. This offer presents a lucrative chance for consumers to earn rewards by purchasing these gift cards at office supply stores, potentially amassing $1,600 in daily transactions. While the stated limit is eight, variations in store policy may permit the purchase of additional cards, though some reports indicate that certain store managers might enforce stricter limits.

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Staples has periodically run this no-fee gift card promotion, with past occurrences listed as follows:

3/24/24 – 3/30/24
2/25/24 – 3/2/24
Among various dates extending back to early 2021.
This repeating offer has become a notable opportunity for shoppers and gift card enthusiasts, providing a strategic advantage for maximizing rewards and savings on everyday expenditures.

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