5,000 gift cards were his. Investigators assert ‘refined’ trick; FBI cautions of ‘untraceable money’

Organized. Overseas. Also ongoing. Those words describe a new wave of criminal activity that targets gift cards from the United States. With assistance from the FBI, the NBC Bay Area Responds team has been looking into the con and tracking the money for the past few months.

Our team decided to investigate this for two reasons. To begin with, watchers sending us loads of objections that their gift voucher cash is evaporating. Second, a recent photograph that was taken by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office and depicts a room filled with gift cards.

One man, according to the sheriff’s deputies, was arrested with 5,000 of them. Your account is empty. Fremont occupant Isai Kothandaraman told us, “I don’t need someone else going through what I went through.” Over special times of year, Kothandaraman’s manager gave her a liberal gift: a $500 Target gift voucher. “We all got gift vouchers,” she made sense of. We were overjoyed.

Thus, I took my family out to Target. “Hello, we have a brand-new gift card. How about we buy a few things.

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